how thready works ALT


chats with threads

create threads within chats to

easily keep track of what matters


Here's how thready works

chat screen.png

First, each chat has

regular messaging for the everyday random chitchat 

Threads List (website).png

 Then, within the chat, create threads for the more important stuff 

Prime Thread (website).png

Threads remove the noise

and show you what matters

Customize your threads with pics and emoji wallpapers

Reaction Menu.png
Everything Mode

Turn ON Everything Mode to read and send all messages in a chat from one place (whether or not on a thread).

Cloud Messaging

Messages are stored in the cloud (on Google servers), so if you lose your phone, you won't lose your messages.

Additional Features

Free, Reactions & GIFs

thready is free to download and has reactions and GIFs. Let your friends know their message is on       .

Add/Remove Thread

Add or remove a thread even after a message has been sent.

Mute Threads

You can mute a thread while still remaining engaged in the rest of the chat.


Your messages are encrypted using Google technology while in transit and also at rest in the cloud.