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Messaging for
Your Closest People...
Your Ohanas

Whether it’s your better half or best friends, give your ohanas extra threads to share moments, keep track of what matters and coordinate life.

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The Ohana Difference

Ohanas start with a space to chat.

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Then, add extra threads for anything that needs its own space.

Keep Track of What Matters

No more failed searches or endless scrolls. Share what matters on threads so it'll always be easy to get back to.

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Share Moments

Share life's best moments on a thread to save them from getting lost in the chat. Start a thread and watch it grow. 


Coordinate Life

Create shared to-do lists and get it done without missing a thing.

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with Art Gallery frame and photo wallpaper


Make your ohanas as amazing as the people in them with themes, wallpapers and frames.



Ohanas are ad-free, private places with only the people you want.

Add Sites

Add any website to an ohana so everything you need is in one place.


Create the Perfect Place for Your People

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